Chritmas is a time for family and friends so why not come to a Family run Pub where you may well meet new friends.

Pre- Christmas Parties

Pre- Christmas parties form 10 to 80 people, can be booked for Monday the 4th of December  up to the 22nd provided we have space.

We can do either Lunch or Dinner its the same Package.

All the meats are freshly cooked the day of the Party and we prepare the vegetables after we collect them striate from the farm.We don’t like to use frozen vegetables here.

We sit People around tables of up to 12.Your main course meat is plated but  you help yourselves to the vegetables from the table so you can have as much or as little as you like.

The home made Christmas Pudding are already made and maturing well (some  times they don’t want to go out when they are set alight).

We have some groups who  keep a regular booking from year to year so we must be doing some thing right.May be its the fact that we can serve all the 80 in the group within 5 minuets and we only serve one table at a time.(Don’t you hate it when you have the third choice on the menu and every one who had the first is nearly finished by the time you get yours)

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day after we send the Locals Home at 1.30 the pub is yours.

Again we sit every one on tables of up to 12 but prefer to leave room so try to make it only tables of 10. Ewe do our best to put like minded people together and you would surprised at the number of new friendships that seam to happen with people asking if there friend from last year is coming again and could we be sat with them again.

Yes the menu ha mat courses but we do not rush you through them as it is only one sitting and we don’t expect any one to leave until at least 4.30 at the earliest.

After the main course the seed of service slows down and you help yourselves to the Cheese Board  & fruit basket once the Chirstmas Pudding and the SHERRY Trifle have been eaten.

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